Silk Floral Art takes the guesswork out of wedding flowers. I can create a whole range of floral arrangements, from bouquets and buttonholes to arrangements for the ceremony and stunning table centres.

Based near York, North Yorkshire, I offer a personalised service, catering for all your Wedding Flower needs. All my flowers are made to suit  your individual taste - Wedding designs can be Traditional or Contemporary as you like  - I am always innovating my designs such as including LED lights in the table centres to give your wedding venue that magical feel.

I also supply Gifts for the Brides Mothers.
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An ideal combination for silk as there are no fresh flowers available.
I have used a combination of orchids and roses with tiny teal flowers with beads and a lovely spiky flower which gives an interesting texture to the arrangement. Feathers and pearls have been used to add interest.

_MG_1315S.jpg _MG_1317S.jpg _MG_1319S.jpg _MG_1321S.jpg _MG_1320S.jpg _MG_1318S.jpg

Vintage cream roses, combining coffee coloured hydrangeas make a lovely sophistication, enhanced with silver and gold pearls. As with all arrangements these can be made in any colour and also silver wire can be used instead of gold.

_MG_1438S.jpg _MG_1363S.jpg _MG_1414_1S.jpg _MG_1431S.jpg _MG_1417_1S.jpg _MG_1488_L.jpg

I have used peacock feathers as an interesting change - as you can see from the brides picture it really stands out. I have used cream roses with blue cornflowers and tiny teal flowers, though different colours can be used.

A tall birdcage centrepiece with ferns, eucalyptus, peonies and hydrangeas.
Led lights in the display, when illuminate it gives a very romantic look. The Brides bouquet, Bridesmaids and wrist corsage all have the same flowers.

_MG_1492S.jpg _MG_1493S.jpg _MG_1494S.jpg _MG_1495S.jpg

Wire work is another  interesting material to use in arrangements. The Bouquet has tiny cerise flowers with diamante’s, The main flowers are  orchids, roses and calla diamante’s.
Another flower which works well in silk as it is very difficult to use in fresh flowers are tulips. As you can see in the picture a combination of cream, purple, cerise and green is very effective.

_MG_1501S.jpg _MG_1499S.jpg _MG_1500S.jpg _MG_1506S.jpg _MG_1502S.jpg _MG_1505S.jpg _MG_1498S.jpg

The Waterfall style is very striking and popular - as you can see from the pictures of Katie & Lee’s wedding, It makes a lovely picture. After the wedding Katie had her bouquet made into a flower arrangement as a lasting memory.
I have also created a “Nest” Bouquet with purple black centred  Anemone’s and black nesting which makes an unusual bouquet The wand which is ideal for a young flower girl

Strong vibrant colours which work well for a wedding, especially a wedding abroad. I have mixed orange with pink, and reds. One wedding I used teal to striking effect

_MG_1924.jpg L_MG_1927.jpg L_MG_1925.jpg L_MG_1927.jpg L_MG_1929.jpg

The tall centre piece with different coloured roses is made complete by adding butterflies and tiny LED lights, to create a romantic feel to your Wedding.
A bouquet of red roses is finished of with diamantes in the roses and silver wires with pearls.
Another option is calla lilies surrounded by cream green and red roses
This is complemented with a button hole of a calla lily and red rose bud.