About Silk Floral Art

I started flower arranging as a hobby, using fresh flowers, but I was always disappointed, as after a few days the arrangements would start to die and lose their splendour. So I began experimenting with silk flowers displays, their quality is so good that it is sometimes difficult to tell the difference from fresh flowers . I have exhibited at craft fares and many visitors could not believe that the displays were not real. My designs are created using the best and most realistic flowers -but I do not just produce traditional displays - the advantage of Silk flowers are that you can experiment and produce stunning and most unusual effects.

Wedding Range

Full range of Wedding Flowers - for purchase or rental

Why Silk Flowers ?

Silk flowers have many advantages over fresh flowers

• They never need watering - very low maintenance 

• They can be placed anywhere - In dark corners or on top of radiators where fresh flowers would normally wilt. 

• Displays all year round 

• Ideal for those sufferings from hay fever 

• Cheaper than fresh flowers

I can create designs for any occasion or requirement, including hotels, restaurants, shops, offices to table decorations for functions. 

Rental available